Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter Beta Gameplay (Video)

Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter is a brand new, side-scrolling beat ’em up game for Android, coming from PHOENIX GLOBAL. The game is currently in open beta and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but the full release is scheduled for sometime next year. You are an Angels Guardian born to fight dark soul demons, get weapon and gear upgrades and protect the humanity.

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About the game

Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter is set in a mythological world where the war between Angels and Demons is in a full swing. But it wasn’t always like this, the good gods managed to defeat the evil and seal the Devil Drastral into an artifact, which they hid into the forest. 5000 years later, the golden age of humanity is an end as new demons start appearing, with only one goal – find and release their monster from the artifact.

Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter Beta Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty simple, 2D side scrolling beat-em-up with some rogue-lite elements. Every now and then, you get to chose a perk that will serve as an upgrade for the rest of the stage. Equipment and weapons are permanent. They can be upgraded and summoned by using the in-game currency.

The game runs smoothly on most modern Android devices, and the battle-flow is great. You have a floating stick and tapping anywhere on the screen will result in attacking the enemies. Make combos, dodge incoming attacks and get ranked depending on your performanse.


Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter is still in (open) beta, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. I have no info if the progression will persist when the final version launches, but given that in-app purchases are up and working, I would assume yes.

Dejan B. – “Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter Beta Gameplay”

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