Scrap Squad gameplay trailer released

Relevant Games and Hazard Studios released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming action game, Scrap Squad. Players will get to collect junk and take over the world on both Android and iOS devices. Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming.


World domination is not something to be taken lightly. Even if you pass the first requirement, to be an evil mastermind, you still need a rock solid plan that won’t backfire on you. Finally, you will have to find a way to fund this operation and one certain way to do this is by sorting garbage.

So, garbage it is, but how do you do it? Simple, you order your robots to do it for you, while you (the evil genius you are) will dedicate your time on collecting the money, upgrading your staff and maintaining order in your secret lab. New upgrades and additional plug-ins will help you earn money faster and keep up with the trash treadmill.

The exact release date was not announced, but by the looks of it shouldn’t be too far away. Here is the gameplay trailer and couple of game features below.

Game Features

* Humorous and fun art style inspired by classic animation
* Fast-paced “matching” gameplay
* An in-depth upgrade system – better ‘bots and contraptions help increase your score
* Design and decorate an awesomely stylish and sinister lair


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