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Pulse debuts on Android

After nearly 2 years on the App Store, “Cipher Prime Studios” finally decided to port their award-winning rhythm based game Pulse over to the Android platform, including all the improvements the game received in the meantime.

Pulse for Android is a note catcher rhythm based game featuring over an hour of original music of various genres. Your job is to hit the dots representing the beats, while the rings pulse outwards. Tapping the dots while they are hit by the pulse will grant you a visual reward and smooth sound, failing to do so will result in distortion and screen flashes. The game supports multitouch as well, and yes, you will have to use more than 1 finger on the later levels.

Pulse follows every songs time signature. 4/4 songs will have 4 or 8 rings, 3/4 time signatures will result in 6 rings etc. Graphics, although simplistic, fit well with the overall gameplay. Furthermore, the developer promises 4 new hand picked tracks from local Philadelphia independent artists, each month after you purchase the game.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store.

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