Profiteer – star trucking across the universe

Profiteer by “RokSoft” is a brand new space trading simulation where you get to fly all over the galaxy, trade with funny looking aliens, visit strange new world and try to earn some profit! Do you have what it takes to become a true Profiteer?


You start off with just about enough money in your pockets to buy your first cargo and hop to a nearby planet and sell it for profit. The rusty old bucket of a starship you get to fly at the beginning, took an arm and a leg to get ahold of and the loan shark won’t be happy if you miss your loan payments too often.

Aside from taking advantage of the market by buying low and selling high, you can also transport high value cargo and exotic goods between worlds. Black market provisioning is also possible and can be quite rewarding, but only if you get away unnoticed, or have enough money in your bank reserves to cover the fines. Once the money start flowing, you can start upgrading your space truck with better defenses, more cargo space, larger fuel tanks, new engines, or you can acquire additional trucks and build your very own fleet.

Eight other AI truckers will try to run you over by any means necessary. They won’t hesitate to sabotage your truck or move your trade routes to take all the potential profits for themselves. Profiteer also supports a hot-seat multiplayer mode that offers a mixture of up to nine human and AI players on a single device.

Profiteer can be downloaded from the Play Store for $1.0. The light (free) version of the game, although limited by turns and upgrades (check game features tab for full list), should give you a pretty clear picture about the game mechanics and what to expect. There are no ads or in-app purchases inside and can be played for as long as you want to.


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Space Trading Profiteer [Lite]
Space Trading Profiteer [Lite]
Developer: RokSoft
Price: Free
Space Trading Profiteer
Space Trading Profiteer
Developer: RokSoft
Price: $1.99
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Works on all Android devices (2.3.3 and up), and is optimised for both mobile phones and tablets.
Enthralling “just-on-more-turn” game play.
Single player mode against up to eight other AI players, each with their own unique quirks and traits.
Multi player mode offering a mixture of up to nine human and AI players on a single device.
Three difficulty levels.
Interactive training tutorial.
Automatic save games allowing player to halt and resume from any point.
Google+ integration featuring many leaderboards and a wide variety of achievements.
Educational values, teaching the basics of supply and demand and encouraging the use of mathematics in a fun, transparent manner.
Open-ended games.  Player can choose whether to continue a game after every ten turns.  Play to beat the other space trucks over a short game or to build up and enhance a fleet of space trucks with upgrades and special abilities over a longer game.
Great graphics designed to complement the game’s style.
Custom written musical score comprising ten full sound tracks.
Great fun for children and adults alike.

Profiteer Lite

Profiteer Lite offers a full gaming experience for free and is not supported by ads.  The only restrictions are –

Game length is limited to ten turns.
Player cannot purchase other space trucks.
Standard truck upgrades are limited (cargo bay size, fuel capacity, engine power and defensive capabilities).
Miscellaneous truck adornments cannot be bought (including worm hole avoidance units, secret cargo stashes and many other exotic items).


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