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Pig Pong Panic!

Pig Pong Panic! is a fast-paced pig-bouncing paradise! Oh no! Mama Pig is in labor and the fence hasn’t been repaired yet! The only thing you can do to stop the adorable newborn piglets from escaping to the outside world is to pick up a piece of fence and bounce them into the barn!


Touch the farmer to drag him across the bottom of the screen to block the piglets’ way and send them bouncing all over the place. Be quick about getting them nice and safe into the barn though, because Mama Pig doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. You don’t want to find yourself overwhelmed by these hyperactive piglets!
• Facebook interface to share your score and compete with friends.
• Exciting, dynamic gameplay.
• Wait, was that a sparkling golden piglet?! Rare spawns for extra lives and extended gameplay.
• Cute. Bouncing. Piggies.

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