Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG

Iterative Studios announced a new major update and new season for their action RPG Nordicandia. The game is available on STEAM, Android and iOS as a free to play title. Technically still in open beta, the game gained massive popularity recently as players seem to enjoy collecting loot, merge and craft items, and level up their characters to achieve world domination.

About Nordicandia

In its current open beta phase, Nordicandia has already gained a strong following of players and fans due to its unique content and features. Players can choose to play as a Mighty Warrior, Agile Hunter, or Powerful Mage and further specialize their character by assigning attributes and unlocking active and passive skills. The game features a variety of enemies, including beasts, demons, orcs, and dragons, and players can earn epic rewards by defeating challenging bosses. In the game, players can move their character and use skills and potions strategically, while their character will automatically attack monsters. There is no energy system limiting gameplay, and players can even earn experience and loot when they are not actively playing. Additionally, players can use essences at the blacksmith to merge stats from one item to another and can empower their equipment even further with relics. There is no level cap in Nordicandia!

Nordicandia Trailer


  • Auto Attacks
  • Epic Loot
  • Abilities for Your Playstyle
  • Idle Battles
  • Advanced Crafting
  • Detailed Stats
  • Challenging Bosses
  • Seasons & Leaderboards


Dejan B. – “Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG”

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