[New Release] Pinball Rocks HD – For those about to rock

Pinball Rocks HD is Sony’s latest game to hit the Play Store, offering a rock themed pinball experience on your Android phone or tablet. Get ready to complete missions, play bonus games, admire the graphics and shake your head back and forth while listening the background music selection composed of top rock artists.

Pinball Rocks HD offers 5 rock tables, out of which the first one “Pinball Rocks” is entirely free to play. It simulates a rock club where you can play mini games, play with the jukebox, drink from the bar or hit the security guard to start one of the 20 missions available.  This table features voiceovers from Zeena Koda, the host of SiriusXM Liquid Metal radio channel and background music by Three Days Grace, Red, The Sword, Queensryche, The Virginmarys, Filter, Norma Jean, For Today, Anvil, Krokus, Lordi and Richie Kotzen.

If you decide to expand your rock experience, you can buy some of the 4 themed tables featuring Alice in Chains, AC/DC, Bullet for my Valentine and Slayer that cost $2.99 each. You can play all of them for a while in the demo mode that will help you decide which one you like the best before buying. In order to maximize your score and complete the missions successfully, the game provides “flyers” that will explain the goals and what should you aim for.

Graphics are nice with plenty of details and lighting effects that will bring most of the mid-range devices down to their knees. You can play the game in both portrait and landscape mode depending on your mood. Pinball Rock HD provides “cheats” that you can purchase from within the game, offering extra balls, ball savers and multiballs. You can also buy all the music tracks and add them to your library for listening outside of the game. Keep in mind that ads will pop-out occasionally as well, but only before launching the ball or browsing the menus. You can install Pinball Rocks HD for Android from the link below.

UPDATE: Game was removed from the Play Store. Download Pinball Rocks HD APK here.

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