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New Game – Turd Birds

One of the nominees for crappiest name of the year will certainly be Turd Birds, an endless runner tap-to-crap type of game, straight out from the developer that brought you NBA 2K13. You will be flying over the crowd and pooping on their heads, while avoiding helicopters, UFO’s and toxic waste that can hurt you (but poop won’t!). All in all, this game appears to be full of…

Thurd Birds

The main currency in Turd Birds are the feathers (surprised?) that you can collect while playing, or buy them from the IAP. Feathers are used to unlock new birds, buy power ups and all the usual endless running stuff. There are certain power ups that can even buff your poop so it does more “damage”.

If the above didn’t get your attention, know this, you can use Facebook connect to import your friend’s profile pictures, why? So you can crap on your friends heads of course. Turd Birds is free to download, and I was looking forward to try it myself, unfortunately it appears that my country has a problem taking crap from this developer.

This game was permanently removed from the Play Store. You can download Turd Birds APK here.

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