Needy Girlfriends debuts on steam, mobile TBA

Needy Girlfriends is a brand new dating sim, developed by PandaShojo. It is scheduled for release on January 25th, but only on Steam. Android and iOS versions will arrive later this year. Switch version is also in the works, but as with the mobile ports, the release date is unknown for now. Anyway, you can pre-order it on Steam for about 19$ (regional pricing might apply).

About the game

A simple act of kindness can lead to friendships and being loved deeply. If you wish to experience this, this visual novel can make your desire come true. This dating sim game, originally released in 2017 under the “Noirsoft” label, has been adapted for the “PandaShojo” platform, making it accessible for players of all ages around the world to enjoy.

The main character, who is known for their kindness, is desired by various girls, all of whom have mental health issues. As their obsessions overlap, the relationships become increasingly difficult. Being desired by multiple girls may seem appealing, but the reality is not as simple.

On Valentine’s Day, the protagonist, Shoya Ichijo, meets Shizuka Tojo by chance. She was rejected and was unable to give her chocolates to her crush. To comfort her, Shoya accepts the chocolates instead.

As they become close friends, Shizuka’s love for Shoya becomes more and more excessive. Along with a childhood friend with intense feelings and a geeky girl who is convinced that Shoya is the one for her, the relationships becomes increasingly complicated.

Shoya’s life changed dramatically from the moment he received the chocolates.



Some scenes in the game contain mild sexuality and strong language and may not be suitable for minors or all ages.
Scenes that may cause psychological terror, such as house arrest, and scenes involving self-harm are also included.
It also contains depictions that may suggest suicide.

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