My Town : Beach Picnic is Free for the Next 7 Days

My Town : Beach Picnic is a fun little game by My Town Games Ltd., aimed at children ages 4 to 12. There are multiple locations to explore, characters to interact with and over 200 items to discover. The game is currently free for Android on the Play Store for the next 7 days. Claim it now and keep it in your library forever.


My Town : Beach Picnic


What’s more fun than a day at the beach? A beach picnic! Once you’ve spent time making sand castles and picking out the tastiest food (and ice cream!) for your picnic, it’s time to head to the store and try on diving gear to explore the world UNDER the water, too! We have also added a bit of environmental education to My Town : Beach Picnic: The more garbage you pick up from the beach, the more fish you get to see underwater!


If you’d still like more time in the water, there’s always more time for surfing or snorkeling. Can you find our singing mermaid and hidden treasure box?
Perhaps you’d like to take it easy at the beach? There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back on the dock and catching fish. Silly Dad! He just catches old boots.



My Town : Beach Picnic
My Town : Beach Picnic
Price: $2.99+



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