Millistar Raiders Quick Review

In the year 2317 of the Millistar calendar, the Pig Land is in danger. The only one who can save it from the Dark Lords is you, the lowly soldier named Kim Chun-mil. Gather everyone that you can find and start the most important quest of your life in Millistar Raiders by Super Planet. Android or iOS , doesn’t matter the game runs on both platforms.

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What kind of game is Millistar Raiders?

It’s actually a mixture of couple of genres, including idle RPG, summoning and micro management (I will follow up on this further below). You are you, and you are the captain of the party. For a whole day I thought that the green guy (that starts in your party) is actually me, and I couldn’t figure out why despite all the captain upgrades, I am still green. It turns out that the green guy is just a starting hero (duh) and the captain doesn’t even fight on the battlefield.

But let’s start from the beginning. The Pig king gives you a quest and you boldly go forward. The goal of the game is to clear levels (auto battle), collect gold and summon heroes, armor and weapons. You can summon A LOT of stuff at once, either 10, 30 or 150. The duplicates you get can be merged to create stronger version of the item.

Hero summoning works exactly the same. Summon in bulk, merge what you can and deploy the strongest 5 on the battlefield. Since there are only 13 different heroes to work with, you will quickly realize that melee and tanks should be on the front, while casters healers and ranged stick behind them.

Commander upgrades are the second most important thing in the game. These upgrades affect the entire party, their skill or even the speed they move forward. All the other mechanics will have to go in the “micromanagement” part and I will leave it at that since there are too many coins, aspects, upgrades, crystals and currencies to mention them all.

How about the rest of the game?

The game looks nice, with cartoonish graphics and can be played in portrait or landscape mode. From my experience, they are equally good and you won’t lose any functionality either way.

The idle part is OK, it’s not the main focus of the gameplay, but can’t be ignored either. Your party will gather gold and loot while offline, but only you can do the summons, merges and upgrades. And that’s fine, besides who wants to play a game where you don’t really control anything?

In-app purchases are not pushy, but all the currencies can be confusing for the first day or two. Just pay attention what you need most, and focus on doing upgrades that impact your party the most. If you get bored from the solo content, there is an arena (async multiplayer), where you can try to earn points against other people teams.

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All in all Millistar Raiders is a fun little game that follows the gacha mechanics to a point where you won’t feel underpowered unless you decide to conquer the arena. If I had to put down a con in the table, that would be the repetitive quests you get on a rotation. Summon 30 heroes, merge, summon 30 armor, merge, summon 30 weapons, merge, upgrade captain rinse and repeat.


Millistar Raiders is free to download and play on Android and iOS. When fully installed it will occupy only 240MB of storage (on Android) and it doesn’t require a flagship phone to run. Google services are supported, the auto-rotation works without shutting down the game and the in-app shop won’t bombard you with offers. If you are looking for a new part-time idle game, give it a go.

Pros:Satisfying upgradesConsRepetitive “Quests”
Millistar Raiders Pros & Cons

Guest Blogger Ivan Misov – “Millistar Raiders Quick Review”

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