Metria, a brand new Action RPG is coming soon

ASOBIMO Inc. announced the release date of Metria, a brand new Action RPG game for Android and iOS. For now, you can pre-register on both platforms and receive substantial rewards once the game launches on November 7th this year.

About the game

Metria offers players a 3D action RPG experience centered on themes of hope and sin. The main storyline is crafted by the same scriptwriter responsible for Iruna Online. The game generously utilizes 3D graphics in its narrative cutscenes, enhancing player immersion alongside the intricate movements of its distinctive characters.

As the story unfolds, occasional real-time action battles involving a team of three characters provide an engaging experience. Players can execute actions like regular attacks, skills, and special moves with a simple tap on the icons. Moreover, character switches during battles facilitate coordinated strategies, offering enjoyable and stylish combat with straightforward controls.

Beyond the captivating story and stylish battles, Metria promises a diverse array of additional exciting content in the future.

Pre-registration rewards

The number of pre-registered players of “Metria” has exceeded 100,000. Therefore, we will distribute “6,000 Star Stones” that can be used to roll gacha to obtain characters and Tarots to all players after the official launch.

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