Master of Eternity (MOE)

The developers from the Korean game studio “Nexon Company” announced that their hit SRPG game Master of Eternity (MOE) is now available in English and can be installed worldwide. The global launch is accompanied with couple of rewards and bonuses, so if you like Mechas and Kawaii Anime girls, check it out – it’s free with in-app purchases.


Master of Eternity (MOE) – The English version and Global Launch


After the beta announcements and testings, Master of Eternity is now ready to be downloaded anywhere. I will point out at the beginning that you will need an Android device running version 4.4. (KitKat) and 2GB of ram memory to enjoy the game without hiccups. Also, don’t be fooled by the storage size stated on the play store (70 mb), because it’s ridiculous. After you download it from there, M.O.E. will require additional 1.9 GB of data to be downloaded from the server.

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The game starts with a lengthy tutorial that will explain pretty much every aspect of the game. How to get more Pixies (the girls in Mech suits), how to upgrade their skills, the awakening system and all the currencies available. Missions are story driven, in fact the whole game is. The combat system is turn based and tactical, meaning you should be aware of your surroundings and unit placements, but also enemy positioning and possible reinforcement arrivals.

Collecting and upgrading Mech suits are essential part of the game and summoning a new one will require the premium in-game currency. There are four classes assault, support, sniper and bombardier. As you progress through the story mode, more and more game modes will unlock, including PvP battles and Alliance simulations.



The TOS (Terms of Service) and the Privacy Policy dictate that you have to be at least 12 years old to download Master of Eternity on Android. I suspect it has to do something with the Kawaii Anime Girls – or The Pixies – that coincidentally look about that age. Anyway, to download the game follow the link and watch the trailer below.




Master of Eternity(MOE)
Master of Eternity(MOE)
Developer: NEXON Company
Price: Free
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