Little Journeys

Fresh out the oven, after nearly 3 years of solo development, Little Journeys finally found its way on the Google Play Store. Don’t be fooled by the screenshot, the author swears this is a “casual flying” game that can be played by (almost) anyone. Or everyone that finds blimps interesting, that works as well.

Little Journeys is a game where your primary goal is to fly the blimp. Pretty straight-forward, some would say, but in reality it does have a little more to it. You will have to complete simple tasks, or so called “errants”, fly and earn coins that can be used to purchase upgrades in the store.

The game features 3D low-poly graphics with physics engine and two finger controls. This little time waster was born as a 3 year long solo project and frankly looks fairly decent. The graphic style suits the gameplay perfectly while keeping the system requirements under check (storage as well).

Little Journeys is free to play and can be downloaded from the play store right now. If flying a blimp rocks your boat, by all means – go ahead!

Little Journeys
Little Journeys
Developer: Simdin
Price: Free

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