Little Buno – Feed the animals

From a recently founded game studio, located in Madrid, comes a new casual platformer that takes place in the prehistoric ages. The game is completely non-violent, features a beautiful narrative, many diverse environments, and exotic animals like gorillas, lions, and elephants.

Our little cute protagonist will have to try and find his family and tribe, venturing across 60 levels from 3 original prehistoric worlds. The artwork looks is exceptional and the original soundtrack is just a bonus.

The gameplay is pretty simple, yet addictive. You will have to throw food at various animals and run away at the same time. All this while being timed and pressured not to waste any shots, as some of the levels give you limited amounts of food to throw. Sounds easy? It is, but you do need to spend some time adjusting to the controls.

Speaking of which, you adjust the angle of your throwing hand on your left part of the screen and you hold the right side to move away from the animals. Once the animal comes too close, Buno freaks out, runs away and the level fails. As the developer points out, the game is completely non-violent, so parents can safely install it on their kids phones and tablets.


[tab: Download Little Buno]
Little Buno
Little Buno
Developer: Gecko Studio SL.
Price: Free
[tab: Features]
  • Feed the animals!!
  • Be thrilled and challenged by a nonviolent game!
  • Experience 60 beautiful and exotic environments, like jungle, savanna, etc.
  • Discover fascinating creatures: gorillas, lions, elephants.
  • Enjoy a beautiful, original soundtrack as you play.
[tab: About the developer]

Gecko Studio is an indie game company focused on mobile games for casual players. It was created by ex-Gameloft Valencia professionals in 2017. Their first game Little Buno is set for release in January 2018 At Gecko Studio, we want to create gaming experience that players have not seen before. Our goal is to create innovative, intelligent, and charming entertainment that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. We want our games to be educative, fun. We want to be proud of the games we bring to players.

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