[New Release] Level 22 Gary’s Misadventures

We all have jobs to attend to (ok, most of us do) so we can get our paychecks and buy new toys and games. Gary also has to work. The thing is, he drinks too much and is often oversleeping or not showing for work at all. Rather than getting sober for a change, he decides it’s easier to just sneak up to his desk without getting caught.

Although it does not look like at first sight, “Level 22 Gary’s Misadventures” by “Noego” is actually a stealth type of game. Your job is to guide Gary all the way up to the 22nd floor of the building where he works at and sneak him behind his desk without alarming the boss and getting fired. Gary will have to hide in closets, crawl through air vents, manipulate various office devices and furniture, poison his colleagues and much more in his journey that starts from the basement of the building.

The game features pixelated graphics that look gorgeous and seem to suit the gameplay perfectly. The synthesized tune that following you through the journey also blends in nicely, giving you that retro feeling from the early 90’s. If you happen to like the music style (as did I), you can find most of the tracks hosted on the developers website here, accompanied by various artworks and concept drawings from the game.

Level 22 Gary’s Misadventures can be yours for about $5.0 and features no ads or IAPs.  The game is available for both Android and iOS, but is listed as a concept project for Steam Greenlight as well where you can like/recommend the game and support its development if you can. I am sure that the developers will appreciate that.

UPDATE: Removed from Google Play Store. No legitimate mirror exists at the moment.

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