Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game update

The mobile game based on the popular movie franchise Kingsman, has received a major content update and a new version number. Among the other things introduced in this update, Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game also receives a brand new chapter – “Poppy Knows Best”.


As part of the promotion of the update to version 2.0, players can earn rewards in a 7-day consecutive login event, explore the events tab and experience everything the game has to offer. The developers also introduced a new friends system to help players interaction, with a possibility to invite other players and engage in private 2vs2 PvP matches.

The update introduces higher ranks for both SR levels and gear to 10 and 6 stars respectively. The new story texts and dialogues were also added in the game to enhance the overall gaming experience.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game
Developer: NHN PixelCube Corp.
Price: To be announced


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