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KartRider: Drift – Preseason

Although released less than a month ago (Jan 5, 2023), KartRider: Drift already has over 1M downloads on Google Play alone. The developers from Nexon are now announcing an official “Season One: New World” start on March 8, 2023. The game is cross-platform title available on Steam, Nexon Launcher, Android, and iOS. But it will also appear on Xbox and PS soon.

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About the game

KartRider: Drift is not just any racing game. It has easy-to-learn mechanics but a challenging difficulty curve with various game modes to suit new and experienced racers. In Item Mode, you can collect and strategically deploy offensive and defensive items to gain an edge on the track. Speed Mode is all about pure racing and putting your drifting skills to the test. The License System tests a racer’s skills with a series of courses, unlocking unique items upon completion. Time Attack Mode lets you compete for the top spot on the leaderboards in solo races.

KartRider: Drift Trailer


The next update is scheduled for February 15th, and the developers are taking notes and from players feedback. All player progress earned during KartRider: Drift’s Preseason will carry over to Season One, so don’t be afraid to try it now.

Links to all available platforms are below, if you can’t access Google Play, just sideload the APK file.

Dejan B. “KartRider: Drift – Preseason”

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