Isekai Rondo pre-registration is open

KEMCO’s latest JRPG release, Isekai Rondo, is heading to the Google Play store soon. This pixel-art epic adventure will be available on Android only, and will come in two version. Free, ad supported and premium without ads and 150 bonus Magistones. The exact release date is still unknown, but you will receive a notification if you pre-register today.

Isekai Rondo story

A young man named Sho, who works for an exploitative company in present-day Japan, has an accident and is now reincarnated as Shaw, but in a parallel universe. Despite facing difficulties and being unemployed in his new life, he eventually acquires the powers of “Sage”, gaining ultra rare passive skills and becoming the strongest (man?). With the goal of achieving a comfortable life, he joins the Hero Viola in a fight against the Overlord.

With unique passive abilities, such as the ability to change the outcome of the game by going back in time, eliminate opponents in turn-based battles by summoning spirits or managing mana plants, or even use the skills of monsters. Complete tasks and increase the rank of your guild to access deeper dungeons and join other adventuring groups. In addition, features such as a battle arena and a dungeon with randomly generated treasure chests will make your journey to defeat the Overlord’s army an unparalleled and exciting quest for a peaceful and humble life.


I.K. – “Isekai Rondo pre-registration is open”

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