INLOGIC Software relesed Zombie Chase 2

The wind blows over the houses, there is not a soul there, a dead town? No, but it is only a question of time! – The Zombies are invading the Wild West! Wait, isn’t that like robbing a police station? Yeah, well Zombies aren’t very smart after all, but will eat your brains if not killed in time.

Stupid or not, the invasion already started and you are the only one who can stop them before they kill everyone alive. Start shooting your way through, upgrade your guns and complete side quests such as bodyguarding, protecting wagons, destroying buildings or simply surviving the attack. There are 9 weapon types that can be upgraded and bunch of consumables that can be collected. You can even hire your very own companion to help you complete your epic quest.

Zombie Chase 2 can be yours for about $0.99 (price may vary) and comes with no additional in-app purchases or ads of any kind. It also supports achievements, has night and day cycles, bunch of different zombie types and requires only 15 mb of storage space.  As an old Indian saying goes: “When the limbs fall, the cowboy smiles!“.

[tab:Download] [tab:Game Features]

·         9 types of weapons
·         3 improvements of each weapon
·         Different types of zombies
·         Alternation of day and night
·         Balanced difficulty


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