Hospital Manager by Microïds released on the Play Store

Hospital Manager is a brand new business and crisis management game coming from Microïds and CCCP studio. Don’t be fooled by the title, this game bares little to no resemblance with with real life medical conditions (or common sense for that matter). In fact, even the developer said that Hospital Manager is all but serious, and yes, it does look like it was inspired by Theme Hospital.


Your job in Hospital Manager is to establish as successful medical facility capable of curing all kind of diseases and manage your resources along the way. Providing a medical care for patients affected by strange diseases such as sudden zombification or the “Moonwalk virus” will not be easy as it sounds. You will have to build or adapt diagnostic and treatment rooms according to the needs of your patients, and employ sufficient amount of qualified doctors that can actually, you know, cure your visitors.

Your patient will get bored if left in the waiting room for too long and to keep them happy, you will have to place various distractions such as soft drink dispensers, balloon stands or even clowns to entertain them in the hallways. Since your budget is limited, finding the right balance can be quite challenging, but happy customers will raise the reputation of your hospital – one of the requirements needed to unlock the next level in the campaign.

Hospital Manager can be downloaded from the Play Store for $2.99. It does have optional in-app purchases in form of rubies (premium currency) that can be used for various bonuses, but those IAP’s are entirely optional and not necessary to finish the game. If you would like to try yourself out as a manager of a whacky hospital and save (or kill) your patients, follow the link below.

Ivica Kiwi

[tab:Download Hospital Manager]

Hospital Manager
Hospital Manager
Developer: Anuman
Price: $2.99+

[tab:Game Features]

– Use comprehensive management of your hospital to your advantage: You’re the boss!
– Build your reputation with a large variety of factors
– Accomplish diverse and surprising missions
– Plunge into an explosive 3D cartoon style universe with wacky pathologies and situations!
– Experience a nonlinear adventure: Every decision will lead to different consequences, depending on when the action happens.
– A rich system of artificial intelligence that can adapt patient behavior to each of your actions and decisions!


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