Hello Neighbor: Diaries Gameplay Video

Released as a direct sequel to the original game, but only on Android and iOS, Hello Neighbor: Diaries tries to capture the fans of investigative/mystery genre yet again. Until today, the game was region locked to Singapore, the Philippines, Canada etc. Now, it’s available worldwide.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries serves as a sequel to Hello Neighbor, continuing the narrative of adult Nicky Roth. After awakening from a nightmare and overcoming the Thing in the Act Finale, Nicky discovers his old belongings in a box in his bedroom. Reflecting on his past, he contemplates the events and recalls fond memories with Aaron Peterson.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries Android Gameplay

Nicky ascends the stairs to his bedroom, discovering a box containing his past belongings and memories. Recalling his childhood investigation into Aaron, his closest friend, he pins old photos on the wall. The game transitions to the past.

The gameplay unfolds within Nicky’s mind as he recollects his childhood and the events surrounding his best friend, Aaron Peterson.


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