Grandpa and the Zombies, lots of candy and one bad-ass grandpa

After waking up a in a hospital with a broken leg, Grandpa Willy finds himself surrounded by zombies eager to get their hands on his tasty brain (or what’s left of it). He quickly realizes that escape is the only option, jumps on his wheel chair and rushes towards the exit. Help him find the way out and collect as much candy as possible in “Grandpa and the Zombies”, the latest casual puzzle game from “Tivola Publishing”.


Grandpa Willy is not a young lad anymore, but he does not plan to surrender to any lumbering zombies dragging their feet around anytime soon. Thus, he is riding his wheelchair around three thrilling worlds with over 90 levels in search of candy and a way out. The levels are filled to the brim with the craziest undead that make Grandpa Willy’s escape that much harder – including stinky Halitosis Jack or the Forklift of Evil.

Grandpa and the Zombies is a turn-based puzzle game where for each move you make, the Zombies move towards you. If no obstacles stand between Grandpa Willy and the Zombies, game over. Plan your moves ahead, trap all the enemies between obstacles and alcoves, collect the candy and reach the elevator exit leading to the next level.

Grandpa and the Zombies can be purchased from the Play Store for $0.99, features adorable cartoonish graphics, fast paced gameplay, plenty of levels, horrible zombies and one crazy grandpa. If you enjoy playing brain teasing puzzle games, check this one out by following the link below.

Grandpa and the Zombies
Grandpa and the Zombies
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# Satisfying gameplay thanks to three different worlds and a total of 90 levels
# Horrible zombies – flee from Halitosis Jack, Bevil and Revil or the Forklift of Death!
# A new challenge in every level
# The apocalypse has never been this funny: ingenious comic-style for adults and children
# The zombie apocalypse! Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter


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