God’s Legacy: Alchemist – Early Preview

God’s Legacy: Alchemist is a new Android & iOS idle RPG by Studio Dois. It is scheduled for release in 2022, but closed beta test is already available. I played and recorded the first 30 minutes of the game and it looks great. The exact release date (day and month) remains a mistery.

About God’s Legacy: Alchemist

This is an idle RPG summoning game with similar mechanics to AFK Arena. For now, only the story mode is available and although you can provide different answers in the dialog, I am not entirely sure if it has any impact on the game progress.

As soon as you launch GLA, it will require a hefty download of about 600 megabytes, in addition to the 400 megabytes you already downloaded from the Play Store. When you finally log in (Google Play is supported), you must go through the tutorial, but most of the scenes and dialogs are skippable. After that, you continue playing the prologue which takes you to the first boss. Kill it, and receive a summoning stone. Those are quite rare and allow you to get new high quality heroes.

All the battles are automatic and you can speed them up. Hero placement, however, is something you should learn and use according to the “Element Counter” circle. Each hero has one of the elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, or Dark. Each element can counter another one, but it is weak to the element behind it. This is important if your heroes are borderline losing the battle as proper placement can give you the edge you need to defeat a boss.

Gameplay Video

Here is the gameplay video I recorder, or the first 30 minutes of the game without skipping anything. In my opinion it looks great, but it can only be played in landscape mode.

God’s Legacy: Alchemist Gameplay

God’s Legacy: Alchemist should be released worldwide by the end of this year. The in-app store is still not available, so I can’t comment anything about the prices. If you’re interested about the game, make a bookmark from the links below. Sadly, pre-registrations are not open at the moment. I couldn’t find a website or Facebook page for Studio Dois, so if you know anything I don’t, drop a comment below.

Martin J. – “God’s Legacy: Alchemist – Early Preview”

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