Giant Monster War Global Launch

Giant Monster War was launched globally yesterday. Developed X-LEGEND Entertainment, this is supposed to be a 4X strategy game. But there are other aspects in it, like Tower Defense, real time battles and base building.

About Giant Monster War

Judging by the screenshots, the game looks a lot like Lords Mobile. You can collect Titans, summon heroes, expand and grow your base, attack stuff and team up with other players from around the world. Upon successful attack, you can plunder the victim and bring home the spoils to help you grow even further. Since Titans and Heroes are the most important part of your army, you must collect and upgrade every single one of them. They are scattered all around the “Titan Continent” and have unique abilities like ATK, DEF, Healing, CC, Immunity, Shield, Buff and Debuff.

There is something else going on in this game. Apparently, you can collect gold and trade it for MONCO tokens. A form of cryptocurrency that you can keep in your “WEMIX e-wallet” for trading. This sounds lovely on paper, but we will have to see how it works in real life.

Among other thigs worth mentioning is the consecutive login bonus. You can claim bountiful gifts and receive SSR Heroes after 7 days, but that’s not all. There are more events and even a road map available on the official website.

Giant Monster War follows the free to play model, with in-app purchases. You can download it on Android (link below) and iOS, but if you don’t have access to the Play Store, you can get it on TapTap, or even side-load the APK.

if you want to join the community on Discord, tap here. There are over 15k members registered so far.

Giant Monster War
Price: Free

Dejan B. – “Giant Monster War Global Launch”

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