Get “Reed” For Free This Week

Summer months are ahead of us, and some days can be long and boring. Luckily, plenty of developers are running summer sales or even flat out giving away their games for free. This week’s game of choice is Reed, a pixelated platform – adventure game by PXLink.




Reed is an adventure platformer game where you control a tiny character called, well – Reed. The tiny guy is a creation of a dying supercomputer that started losing his cubes and slowing down. Your job is to collect them, help the supercomputer and save the world, because without supercomputer, the world is going to end.




– Beautiful pixel art graphic !
– Ambient music !
– Easy to control !
– Addictive gameplay !
– Hard levels !
– Different traps !
– Achievements !



You can grab a free copy for the next 5 days and keep it bound to your account forever.

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Developer: PXLink
Price: $0.99
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