Future Football: Royal Roader Android gameplay

Future Football: Royal Roader is an upcoming football themed management game by HaoPlay Limited. Currently, only available in S. Korea as a closed beta test, but should be released worldwide on Android and iOS sometime next year. The game features licensed players from top leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie and Ligue 1. You can build your dream team and win every event, sky is the limit (and the energy bar).

About the game

The gameplay is really quite simple. All you have to do is swipe on time, pass the defenders and shoot. After scoring, the players will (usually) do cringy little dances to celebrate the achievement. Nevertheless, you only get to play the interesting parts of the matches, since this is primarily a management game, not a football simulator.

As Future Football is currently in CBT, you are given some of the most famous players in the world right now. That will probably change once the game officially launches. Developers are promising over 90 minutes of narrated storytelling, thrilling matches and even player signing.

Future Football Android Gameplay

The only potential problem, or at least the most obvious one, is the energy bar. Each match you play consumes certain amount of energy, and once you run out it’s either a forced gameplay break, or off to the in-app store. This is in my opinion an outdated mechanic that should not exist anymore in mobile games. Developers should find a way to keep you engaged without limiting you with bars or timers.

Download and CBT application

It seems that Future Football: Royal Roader won’t make it in time for the World Cup premiere. To my knowledge, the game will be ready in early 2023 (best case), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for CBT entry and try it yourself. The whole interface and all voice-overs are in Korean for now, but you don’t really have to understand everything to play.

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