Flick Arena Review

From a small two-man team within Sweet Nitro, an Andorra-based mobile games studio, comes a new PvP – 1 on 1 multiplayer game called Flick Arena. The goal of the game is to defeat your enemy in the arena by flicking your marble solders across the field and hoping for the best. The game was released earlier today on Android and iOS.


Flick Arena for Android


The premise is simple. At first you take control of three soldier units and the king, same as your opponent. The goal is to flick your soldiers and either destroy the opponent’s King, or all his soldiers. The king doesn’t move on its own, but can be indirectly forced in a particular region of the arena by simply hitting it. As this is a multiplayer only game, things get a bit complicated when you assign your moves (and the opponent does the same thing in the same time). Since you wouldn’t know what or how your opponent played, after tapping the ready button, you can only hope for the best.



I wouldn’t say that Flick Arena is strictly luck based, of course there are tricks and strategies that you can master, but luck will always be at least a part of the gameplay. Once you finish the tutorial missions, you can immediately face other players. You will get new soldier types, upgrades and improvements as you complete the daily quests and earn chests. At first, the beginner chest will open in matter of seconds, but that’s not the case with higher tier chests that will require more time, but will yield better loot. Of course, you can skip the timers by spending the premium in-game currency.



A well placed “leagues” are there to make sure you won’t face any opponents that are far too powerful (or too weak for you). The starting “bronze” league is intended for newcomers and once you start winning battles and upgrading your arsenal, you will climb the ranks to the top-tier “Diamond” league. Along the way, you might consider joining (or creating your own) clan to help you progress faster through the game.



Flick Arena is a free-to-play game. It does contain ads, but they are not immediately thrown in your face and are tolerable. For example, you can watch an add to get a few gold pieces or chests, but that’s about it. In-app purchases revolve around buying in-game currencies, high tier chests (royal, ice, phoenix etc.) and couple of bundles if you want a quick boost.

Unlike many other companies, Flaregames clearly states that the game does have in-app purchases that can cost real money and they even have Parental Guidance on how to prevent unwanted purchases by minors. This is certainly a nice gesture and I salute it.

Finally, Flick Arena can be downloaded on pretty much any Android device running version 4.4 (KitKat) or higher and takes about 130mb of storage space. As a final notice, I would add that the gameplay sometimes feels a bit slow and the game could possibly benefit from ramping up the speed a little. If you like multiplayer arena games, go ahead and check this one out.


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Dejan Balalovski

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