Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Following the tradition, Square Enix has announced that the pocket version of Final Fantasy XV is now available for both Android and iOS. While the story stays the same, the pocket edition is optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices and has optimized touch controls making it easy for anyone to pick it up and play.


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition


Players will take control of prince Noctis, accompanied with his three companions Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto – embarking on a journey to save his kingdom from the invading forces of Niflheim. Set in an open-world environment, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition offers hours of entertainment adventuring across land, engaging monsters in battle or completing quests.



The pocket edition is basically shrunken-down version of the main game. Everything is touch optimized, so no need to carry around your controllers. The graphics were also dialed back, but the story line remains the same. This time around, Square Enix decided to go with per-chapter payment method. There are 10 chapters in total. The first one is free (just to get you hooked), then you will have to pay for the rest. This way, you can tell immediately if you like the game and the touch tapping system they implemented, or stick with the original release in front of your TV or PC.


Finfal Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition chapters

Square Enix also provided system requirements for this game that are looking OK, except for the storage requirements. FFXV Pocket Edition will eat up around 5 GB of your internal storage. Unless you decide to install the high-res pack in which case it will take up to 8 gigabytes. The first chapter is free and can be downloaded from the link below. To check out the trailer, click here. The game is rated Pegi 16.


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