Fast Fin, the unfortunate clown fish

A terrifying tsunami struck the idyllic coral reef where “Fin” used to live, destroying everything in its path and scattering all the surviving eggs across the ocean. If that wasn’t enough, toxic-waste started leaking from an old damaged submarine, poisoning the ocean and threatening to destroy all the remaining eggs. Help fin rescue his siblings and escape this hostile environment in “Fast Fin” by Nurogames.


“The task of the player is to guide the small Fin on his odyssey through the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. Constantly chased by a deadly menace, Fin has to do his best in order to survive. “Fast Fin” can be controlled by touching the screen and has to avoid obstacles and collect precious pearls that let him speed up. Fin grows when he manages to eat some of the tasty plankton and various power-ups help him on the troublesome way. But watch out! Fin has to steadily keep an eye on the missing fish eggs!”

There are plenty of power-ups and upgrades that can be gathered across the 9 levels of the story mode. Once you finish playing the campaign, you can test your skills in the “survival mode” and post your scores online via Facebook. Fish Coins are the in-game currency and you get 1000 of them for start. They can be purchased additionally if you need more power-ups or or find yourself struggling to unlock the next stage. The version described here is the premium one, providing the previously mentioned coins and all the upgrades on level 2, although, google play isn’t listing any other versions of the game.


Fast Fin
Fast Fin
Developer: Nurogames
Price: $1.99+
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• Entertaining gameplay with long-term gaming fun
• Two game modes: Story- and Survival-mode
• HD-display optimization
• Beautifully designed levels with detailed illustrations
• Catchy Caribbean tunes and atmospheric sound effects
• Five unique advanced abilities available through upgrades
• Intuitive one-touch control
• Support of many different languages
• Facebook support so that you can share your scores and invite your friends

Premium content:
• all power-ups on level 2
• starting balance of 1000 fish coins (in-app currency)


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