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Escape Room Magical Mystery

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Fantasy escape is a new point-and-click adventure game in the “escape the room” genre with complicated quests. Play logic puzzles and brain teasers in one of the best new escape games free! In this one of the top room escape games your goal is to unlock the door escape needed to become an escape hero!

Your Adventure begins now! This escape game is made for you. Explore great adventure, fantasy locations full of magic and mystery! Will you be able to solve many riddles, challenging gameplay, different mysteries, and can you escape?

Can you escape the 100 rooms to solve the mystery? Get ready for your own escape games in a fantastic world. In a game full of complex puzzles and a great new environment ready to be explored and Challenging brain teasers and making your escape plan for exit as fast as possible from this mysterious fantasy place! Witness a new room escape game with escape puzzle systems and make it fast to the exit door!

Use your brain skills to find the answer from mysterious puzzles, collect clues and needed items, Analyze and investigate every place of the room! In this fantastic world of escape games and puzzles. Escape game this fun, exciting and addictive fantasy adventure game!

Step inside our magical locations to search for hidden objects. Solve hundreds of brain puzzles and riddles.100 doors is a mystery game that offers a different kind of puzzles. Find a magic way to get out of each room. While this escape game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional

Get away from classic puzzle games and experience a new way of room escape gaming. Every level needs an escape plan, make your exit plan with no fear! Combine information collected from each room to get to the next room.one of the best fantasy escape games you ever played! An addiction improves your logical thinking and your puzzle solving ability! Find the clues and win the room escape challenge!

Escape Room: Magical Mystery
Escape Room: Magical Mystery
Developer: TTN Games
Price: Free

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