Dr. Panda Art Class

Dr. Panda is now a synonym for a safe games made especially for kids and Dr. Panda Art Class is not any different. Although it is a paid app, the developers are running a promotion and you can get the game for free for a limited time. Dr. Panda Art Class received “Editor’s Choice” stamp on the Google Play Store and is intended for the youngest to sharpen their creative skills in many different fields of arts and crafts.


Dr. Panda Art Class on Android


The game itself is not very demanding, but it will require at least Android version 4.0 and about 130 megabytes of storage space. Once installed, you can hand it over to your child as there are absolutely no third party ads, in-app purchases or inappropriate content at all. Once inside, the game was designed in a way that it won’t require navigating through menus or making complex decisions. Everything is streamlined nicely and any interaction with the screen will automatically take you to one of the crafts, or you can choose a specific one from the “Art Book” hanging on the wall.



Speaking of crafts, Dr. Panda Art Class has enough content to keep your kid busy for a while. The main focus is on coloring and making stuff from paper, clay or fruits and vegetables. Every craft goes through couple of phases, crafting, coloring and decorating the object. Once complete, it can be taken outside for a test drive (making a kite for example).

Spinning the clay is what our “little helper” found most interesting. By using and holding only one finger, the player can shape the clay in many different forms from complex vases to simple plates. Once done, it should be baked and painted to complete the craft.



Once installed, Dr. Panda Art Class will happily run without any kind of internet connection, which is always good considering the prime audience. The promotion is currently still running and once you install the game, it will be bound to your account forever. The Android version we tested ran perfectly fine on an Android tablet with 1gb of ram and older CPU, so it isn’t very demanding. There were no stutters or lags that can make your kid mad and smash the device (which is always bad).

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Dr. Panda Art Class
Dr. Panda Art Class
Developer: Dr. Panda
Price: $3.99
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