Dinosaurs are coming to PUBG Mobile

As version 2.6 update goes live, the developers of PUBG Mobile announced the “World of Wander” map transformation. Yep, dinos are in now, dragging behind them few optimizations and new features in map editing and game mode design. Also, new cosmetics, and brand new partnership with a prestigious motorcycle brand will be revealed shortly.

About the update

Get ready to embark on a prehistoric adventure in the latest update of PUBG MOBILE, Version 2.6! From May 16th to June 18th, players will witness the emergence of the Dinoground. Keep an eye out for Dino Settlements scattered across Erangel and Livik, filled with valuable supplies waiting to be seized. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, ruler of the dinosaurs, will sporadically appear in the settlement’s Fossil Keep during matches, urging players to break the gates and unleash its power for an exhilarating ride!

PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update

In addition, Primal Zone areas will unpredictably manifest all over Erangel, teeming with hostile Pterosaurs and Velociraptors. These creatures can be tamed and transformed into mounts. Each mount offers unique advantages. Velociraptors are adaptable, traversing various terrains with ease and boasting an impressive leaping ability. Pterosaurs, on the other hand, can take their riders to the skies, granting them the ability to swoop down and snatch allies or foes from above!

PUBG Mobile Downloads

The update is already live on Android and iOS, you can follow the links below to install and try the game. The Version 2.6 Update also debuts a host of Cycle 4 Season 12 updates, with additional new content, rewards and cosmetics to unlock and enjoy. This version’s Royale Pass Ace, which was previously named Royale Pass Month, is bringing new core rewards, Season Missions, and an intriguing backstory to align with the launch of Dinoground.

D.B. – Dinosaurs are coming to PUBG Mobile

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