Dice Roller – brain gymnastics on the go

In case you find ordinary puzzle games too easy to play, dull and repetitive and your brain is craving for more challenge, check out this title coming from Monzee Digital. Dice Roller is a board puzzle game that offers sufficient challenge and plenty of levels for our favorite price… free!


Dice Roller is a puzzle game where you get to roll the dice in 4 directions across the board and collect various bonuses while trying to reach the goal. But, it’s not that simple. To actually get the bonuses, or complete the level by landing on the exit box, the bottom side of your dice will have to match the number attached to the field where it lands. Sounds simple? It’s not, but it can be done.

Since narrow paths are not that uncommon at all, you will have to calculate your moves couple of steps ahead and reposition the dice before entering the 1-lane road. This only gets harder on later levels where the game starts introducing various obstacles, triggers, special tiles and immovable objects.

Complete the levels (and collect the bonuses) as fast as you can to earn your place on the global leaderboard and get all the achievements. In case you get stuck while playing, the game will allow you to cheat your way out by changing your dice side without moving, but only if you purchased enough “Dicer” power-ups before starting the level. Right now, there are no IAP’s and “Dicer”, the only power-up available, can be purchased by spending couple of coins earned by playing. The next update will include more in-store items and coins purchasable for real money, but until then, Dice Roller is completely free to play, has no ads and includes 2 full chapters (about 60 levels) for you to play with.


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Dice Roller Revolution
Dice Roller Revolution


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Experience our beautifully drawn levels unlike any other puzzle games you have ever seen.

You only need one finger to roll your dice and move it across tiles.

xx levels, each is completely different than the others, with increasing difficulty as you progress. Can you solve them all?

Finish your current level and then finish some more.

Reach the bonus tiles and complete the level fast to get higher score!


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  • Great game. Very recommended


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