Demian Saga’s “Union Invasion” Goes Live

The popular RPG/Strategy anime game Demian Saga just received a beefy updated introducing PvP content held in real time for a total of 3 days once a week. The game is available on Android and iOS for free, with optional in-app purchases. The update also introduces couple of QoL improvements, new events and skins.

What’s new

Union Invasion is a weekly 3-day PvP event where 4 Unions come together in a 900-tile arena. They work as a team to conquer land, defeat foes, and the Union with the most land when it’s over, wins. It’s all about teamwork and competition!

To join Union Invasion, players and Unions need to register their decks beforehand. Each player can manage up to 3 decks, so they must use their moves wisely to strategically place and move their Heroes to capture land.

Demian Saga Trailer

The Union with the most land becomes the top-ranked Union in the Group Rankings and receives Group Ranking and Unified Ranking rewards based on their performance. Unified Rankings consider all participating Unions, while individual rankings depend on the Union’s progress in the event. Prizes like Legendary Gear Selection Boxes, Selected Ascension Remedies, Gems, and more are given based on your rank.

Update Features

▶ A fierce competition between Unions to gain land takes place in ‘Union Invasion’
▶ Rewards available depending on group rankings and unified union rankings
▶ 6 new skins including ones themed after Halloween have been added to the update


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