Death Dome Android Review

Bloody adventure

If you ever owned some of the iOS devices, or you have a friend that plays games on iPhone or iPad, surely you’ve heard about Infinity Blade. The huge megahit that sold over 250.000 copies  on the appstore in the first four days of its release. The game that won many prices and recommendations from around the globe. Death Dome is clone of that game.


In the city of Palamira, virus outbreak took place. It was called the “M-Virus” and it turned the infected ones into a bloodthirsty mutants. The city officials built a dome-like structure to contain the infected. Eventually the virus evolved and became stronger, it became the Behemoths! Your memory is gone. The only name you can vaguely recall is Phoenix and by that name you will slay all the Benemoths, since killing them all is the only way to make the authorities dismantle the dome. And you will do it alone!

Our brave heroine
Our brave heroine

The good things

Straight to the point, Death Dome gameplay is addictive. Fights are fun and easy to learn, but hard to master. The enemies you encounter have different attack styles and vulnerabilities, making the game feel more versatile than it actually is. In each fight you get one mini objective, dodge 4 times, block 3 times and so on. If you manage to complete it, you are awarded with the Brutal Finisher which grants bonus experience. During the fight, series of successful dodging, blocking or parrying will trigger the combo event and each successful attack will fill the flux bar. Once fully charged, you can use the flux to execute devastating blow to your opponent. Loot and silver can be obtained through the game to help you upgrade your equipment and slice the baddies quicker.

Speaking of equipment, full complement of armor and weapon is at your disposal to obtain or simply buy. This is a big part of the game since everything here scales significantly as you gain tiers, for example the axe you get at the beginning looks and performs awesome on the first couple of mutants, but by the time you get to the first Benemoth it is largely underpowered. It literaly takes away a tiny stripes of health on each successful hit, making the next upgrade mandatory if you wish to progress further.

Graphics are top notch. This is one of those games worth showing around and impressing the common folks. Backgrounds are well drawn and enemies and their weapons detailed and highly polished. Animations are smooth giving you precise idea of the next attack type you are about to receive which is crucial to this type of game. Yes the controls are simple, swipe, tap and slide, but timing is everything here. You will have to time your dodges, blocks and counter-attacks with great precision in order to kill the mutants.

The not so good things

Death Dome is typical freemium game. You get two types of currency, the skulls and the premium coins. Now, as I already mentioned, equipment upgrades are mandatory and frequent. Every second tier is obtainable by the skull silver, but in between lies the gear obtainable only by the premium coins and it’s so cleverly distributed comparing to your progress, that sooner or later you will have to buy some, or spend many many hours getting the necessary skull coins. This is to be expected from this type of game, but the problem is that everything is too expensive. 260 gold coins will set you back $9.99 and that amount will get you one low to mid range weapon which will last 5 or 6 fights and then you have to upgrade again. If you like to get your hands on some of the high end weapons, you will have to spend anywhere from 2000 to 3600 gold coins. Yes you can earn those coins by playing, liking Glu Mobile on facebook or similar activities, but you can’t earn 1000 coins by doing this. Don’t forget you have other gear slots to watch out as well.

The sheer amount of blood drawn on screen can be considered either good or bad depending on your stand regarding animated violence. I personally don’t mind it, but it has to be mentioned, Death Dome is gory.

The Outcome

Even the cheesy plot can’t beat the fact that Death Dome is fun and addictive game. Gameplay mechanics are simple yet challenging and RPG elements fit in perfectly. Don’t get discouraged by the poor premium items balance, if you feel intrigued by this review, click the link below and try the game for free, then decide whether to keep playing or not.

Great gameplay Expensive microtransactions
Excellent graphics Can become repetitive

Price: Free+

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