Cut the Box, watch it go down

It’s Wednesday, we are only halfway there so there is still plenty of work to be done. We better get started with this week physics based puzzler of choice, Cut the Box by Twist Mobile. What? It’s kind of work.

Gotcha! It’s really a game, take that corporate web filtering software! Anyway, time to sharpen up your sword…fine, finger, start slicing presents and watch them fall down in over 90 levels divided into 3 unique zones, Birthday, Friendship and Love.

Cut the Box features realistic physics engine that responds to tiniest cuts and object bumps and will definitely make you shake up those sleepy brain cells. Beating a level will earn you stars (up to 3), a sort of a currency that can be spent to unlock the next set of levels and continue playing. Stars can also be used to purchase additional moves, skip the level or get the walkthrough that shows you how to 3-star that specific level.

Cut the Box is free to download and play. There are couple of fullscreen ads popping out between levels, but nothing you should worry about. More start can also be acquired in form of an IAP if you really need them, but stars earned through play should be more than enough to finish the game.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Cut the Box APK here.

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