Combat Monsters arrives on Android

Rubicon Development released a brand new game, promising to deliver exciting turn-based battles and TCG style deck building. Combat Monsters arrived on Android today and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

Rubicon is the developer responsible for Great Big (Little) War Game, a highly acclaimed turn-based war game that takes place on a hexagonal field. Combat Monsters is a mixture of trading card game and turn-based strategy that also takes place on a hexagonal battlefield where you and your hero can summon creatures or cast spells from your deck and try to defeat the opponent. You will get to chose one of the 3 themed starter decks (upon registering your account) that will allow you to begin your quest to save the universe from the terrifying evil.

Winning a battle will provide certain amount of “Rubicoins”, currency that allows you to acquire more cards in form of boosters (chests) or additional heroes. You can also get more coins by liking Rubicon on Facebook or by using your referral number to recruit more players. If you find this to be too much of a chore, you can also buy additional Rubicoins, or get the 3X boost that triples the amount of coins you get from winning battles.

When you finish playing the lengthy campaign, you can continue your “Rubicoins” hunt online where you can test your deck building skills against up to 5 other players in real time. You also get the “Pass & Play” option where two players can face each other on the same device, but keep in mind that no Rubicons are awarded in this mode.

Combat Monsters boasts fully rendered 3D environments and characters that simply look adorable. Once you register your account, your game progress will be managed by Rubicon’s servers, allowing you to play the game on Android, Windows, Mac or iOS without starting over. Because of this, internet connection is required all the time, even in single player mode. If you decide to give Combat Monsters a chance, you can get it for free from the link below.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Combat Monsters APK here.

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