Castle Raid 2 – New Alliances, ready to slaughter each other

Two different worlds, two opposing factions that live in constant hatred are ready to obliterate each other. Chose your side and enter the battlefield in Castle Raid 2, a new fantasy castle siege game by “Arcticmill” that also features a real-time head 2 head mode on a single device.


The story describes the invasion of the Orcs (The Reavers) and their leader Agrok who decides it would be for the best to exterminate all the humans from the land. Luckily, our humans are not that helpless and decide to hold their ground to repel the attack. You play as the blue commander of the “Blue Paragons”, who recently defeated the “Crimson Knights” in the last era of war. This time, however, they decide to join forces and unite their armies to combat the Reavers, kill their leader and save the land.

The campaign mode features 20 missions spread across two worlds, the Frozen Lands and the Greenlands. There are 9 units types in total, out of which 8 are soldiers with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Peasants are no soldiers and they can’t fight off your enemies, but they can and will gather all the resources you need during the battle. Before each battle you choose a battle lineup of 5 (later 6) units that will serve under your command. Once ready, you star playing the game by sending your peasants to gather as many resources as they can before the enemy starts summoning. As soon as you have enough money, you start summoning soldiers yourself in order to counter the oncoming Reavers and ultimately, destroy the opposing castle. Each battle will provide certain amount of “Rubies”, a virtual currency that can be used to upgrade the units you control, their damage, health and other stats.

If you’ve never heard of Castle Raid 1, it’s because it was iOS exclusive title, so yes this game introduces the series on Android for the first time. The head 2 head feature on the same device is nice addition that can keep you occupied for hours, but you should know that upgrades and new units become available only after you unlock them in the campaign mode first. Castle Raid 2 has a low price tag of $2.99 and offers addictive and fun gameplay, lengthy campaign, various challenge modes, achievements and global leaderboard access. The price you pay is final, there are no ads or hidden IAPs inside. Start raiding.


Castle Raid 2
Castle Raid 2
Developer: Arcticmill
Price: $1.02

* Unique single device multiplayer – Fight your best friends to see who’s the boss!

* Fight your way through 20 battlegrounds, in two different worlds. With delightful new obstacles such as dangerous spike traps and thorny defense barricades, arrow firing fortified turrets and strategically placed guard zones. Oh, and did we mention the dragon? We have a dragon.

* Choose from 9 different units when setting your battle formation. Meet the evil Warlock, the sneaky Rogue, the King’s Guard, the cunning Wizard and the reckless Demolition Expert.

* Find out who the Reavers are and why they talk so funny (hint: they make up for their speech impediment with brute force).

* Can you outsmart the computer opponent in Casual, Normal or Heroic difficulty? He’s got like… loads of RAM, so good luck with that.

* Intuitive gameplay, pick up and do battle – Castle Raid style!

* Story based campaign mode with beautifully illustrated graphics.

* Have you beaten the computer opponent in campaign mode and think the game is over? Think again. To really beat the game you have to complete all challenges: Time challenge beat the level within a specific time. Gladiator challenge – beat the level with a predefined unit setup (trim your fingernails for this one!).

* Stunning retina graphics and beautiful animations.

* Use our global leaderboards and over 40 achievements to compete with people all over the world.


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