Castaway Party

Remember playing those cool Mario Party games with friends in your living room? Castaway Party is something like that, except it’s online and free(ish). Cute graphics – check, friends online – check, console and TV – nope, don’t need them.

Although Castaway Party is perhaps inspired by Mario Party, the gameplay is slightly different. You can compete with other players online in 3 different modes. Ranked, casual and daily challenges. The pirate theme gives it a certain charm that you will either love or hate. You just can’t stay indifferent.

The recently released update fixes the notorious 32758 error that prevented you from playing online. New lootboxes and Season 2 is also here (Party Pass is an in-app purchase). With all the recent changes, you can now collect cosmetics and dances to show off your style and climb the leaderboard.

Here is a list of the Castaway Party features:

FREE TO PLAY – Castaway Party is free to play, with in-game options to purchase the Party Pass, new skins, dances, and stickers.
REAL-TIME – Play directly against others in a real-time multiplayer game.
GLOBAL LEADERBOARD – Earn trophies in Competitive play and see how you rank.
PARTY UP – Send friends a Party Code and invite them to compete against you.
COLLECT IT ALL – Unlock and play with your favorite Castaways, collect dances for epic wins, and equip fun stickers to taunt other players.
LOOT BOXES – Open them in the Party Pass or with Win Tokens to get tons of new Items, coins, and XP.
WIN TOKENS – Earn up to 3 per day (one per game mode) by finishing in the top spot. 5 tokens automatically unlock a new Loot Box.
DAILY LOGIN BONUS – Visit the app every day to earn rewards.
ITEM SHOP – Updated daily with new skins, dances, and stickers for purchase.
QUICK GAMES – Play a 4 game circuit in just 3 minutes for an action-packed way to take a break or stay entertained while on the move.

To download it just click the link below.

Castaway Party
Castaway Party
Price: Free

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