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Casino Resort – Slot Machine, Texas Holdem, Poker

Life is a gamble, so raise the stakes, take the leap, and roll the dice! Test your wits and fortune on a variety of casino games and build the BEST and BIGGEST resort empire that there is while you’re at it! Compete against players from around the world, and find out who’s the BRIGHTEST and the LUCKIEST!


Casino Resort


Casino Resort (“東京カジノプロジェクト” in Japan Version) is a mobile social online multiplayer casino game from the Japanese game developer and publishing giant, COLOPL. Have fun building and managing your own casino resort while checking out the casino games!


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Are the odds in your favor? Court Lady Luck and play Casino games like Texas Hold’em, Black Jack, Roulette, Golf, and several others!


With your earnings, build your very own resort city along the coast of a sparkling blue sea! Start small with only a few buildings while you develop your resort over time into a thriving cosmopolitan.


As your resort starts to attract more media attention, there will be more visitors, including VIPs! Construct buildings such as convenience stores, burger bars, and beachside sundries. Make sure to upgrade them so VIPs won’t make scathing remarks about your resort city.


You’re not alone this world. Real players from around the globe are also striving towards becoming fearless gamblers and high-rollers. Like you, they’re also trying to build their own thriving resort cities. Have you got the spunk to outmaneuver them?


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