Break It – Cube Smash Released on Android

Break It – Cube Smash is a brand new release coming from Flying Ants Studios, an indie studio based in India. They are announcing this title as “stress buster” with simple touch controls and enough content to keep the players engaged. I decided to take a quick look of the game and see what it really is. Otherwise, Break It – Cube Smash is available on Android and iOS.


Break It – Cube Smash


Without complicated (or any at all) storyline, you find yourself in a dungeon. There are cube-like objects made of glass all around you and steel balls in your pocket. What do you do? Well what do you think. Smash smash and smash some more.

The game offers two main game modes for now, level based and arcade. The first mode contains 28 levels (and more to come Ⓡ) with varying difficulty ranging from – haha this is so easy – to – I hate everyone in my immediate proximity. The problem here is that the game gives you limited amount of balls, not per level, but in general. Gaining 1 to 3 stars on each level you pass will yield bonus balls, but when things get a bit harder, you will eventually run out of balls completely. Then you have to wait or watch an ad.



The other game mode is the arcade version. You have infinite amount of balls here. Progression is score based, but still spamming the screen isn’t really a solution. Time is running away and your best bet is again, to aim precisely and achieve combos and score multipliers by hitting more cubes with a single ball and not missing anything.


Break It - Cube Smash
Spamming balls is a no-no


Now, the developers claim “abundant use of physics in level design”. While the game does use physics based gameplay, you are not really in control of the said physics at any given time. All you can do is tap the screen and hope for the best. This is where in my opinion, the game needs some additional work. Shots are not always accurate and maybe adding a thin visible line before you launch the ball will improve the whole “physics” context Break it revolves around.


Break It – Cube Smash is available on the Play Store and iTunes for free. There are only two in-app purchases. The first one removes the ball limit, removes the ads and gives you access to all levels instantly (even future levels) and costs only 0.3$ (at the time I am writing this). That will surely not break the bank for most people and if you like the game, I suggest you go for it. And now, the trailer:


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Break It - Cube Smash
Break It - Cube Smash
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