Boxing Star Reached 1 Million pre-registrations

Publisher and mobile game developer Four Thirty Three Inc. (4:33) are happily announcing this huge number of pre-registered accounts for their upcoming game Boxing Star. If you wish, you can jump in before the game officially launches on 12th July and receive in-game goodies as a welcome package.


Boxing Star


Boxing Star will be an arcade sport game, not a simulation. However, 4:33 are promising immersive story mode as your character progresses through the tournaments on his way to the World Champion title. Players will be able to upgrade their boxer’s skills, jab, hook and special moves to quickly knock out their opponents. Other goodies like custom gloves, tattoos and cosmetic styling in general will also be available.

We don’t know if the final version of the game will feature a real-time PvP battles, but one thing is for sure – there will be leagues to climb.



There is still time to pre-register and receive exclusive in-game items like 200 Gold, 1000 Coins, Joe King’s rare edition boxing gloves, plus Tattoos for your boxer. All rewards will be awarded once Boxing Star launches on the App Store and Google Play.

On a side-note, the game’s music features 4 powerful Hip-Hop music from three underdog rappers. C.Cle, C.Swag, Pinnacle TheHustler and BOiTELLO each added their own swag to Boxing Star’s soundtrack that keeps players pumped throughout the fight.


Boxing Star will be launched on both Android and iOS platforms in 140 countries on July 12. Android folks can pre-register their accounts on the link below, while iOS users can do the same on iTunes. And now, the trailer:


Source: Press Release

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Boxing Star
Boxing Star
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