Beat the Boss 3 is out

Just before you start celebrating the upcoming holidays, Game Hive developers released Beat the Boss 3. A perfect timing to vent all your anger before starting the new 2014 and give your boss what he deserves. Make this a New Year resolution you should definitely fulfill.


As usual, you get plenty of ways to customize your Boss figure to make him reassemble the real person riding your ass at work. Once you complete “fine tuning” your character, save him and start the party with over 100 customizable weapons to chose from, on multiple locations around the world. The coins you gather while making him suffer can be used to upgrade some of the weapons or enlarge your lethal collection.

Coins and diamonds needed for new upgrades and levels can be obtained by playing or purchased additionally from the in-app-store. There are two separate versions of this game, the first one is free to download and contains everything mentioned above, while the second one is sold for about a buck and contains extra blood, extra violent weapons and more customizations. It is also rated as 17+ title with special note from the developers that this one is not suitable for children and weak at heart.

P.S. Bravest gamers could try playing this one in front of their real-life bosses. Legally, they can’t do anything to stop you.


Beat the Boss 3
Beat the Boss 3
Price: Free
Beat the Boss 3 (17+)
Beat the Boss 3 (17+)
Price: $0.99+


[tab:Game Features]

* Customize your boss: Evil comes in many forms. You can make your own!
* Customize your weapons: Camouflage or champagne color grenade? It’s up to you.
* Premium Weapons: 100+ all new lethal weapons to make your boss to wet his pants.
* Physics Simulated: Get a satisfying reaction to all your intense beating
* Funny one-liner: Don’t laugh out too loud at work
* World tour: Play in beautiful hand-crafted stages!


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