Battle Dragons goes live

Battle Dragons is the newest addition to the strategy / mmorpg genre and after few months of testing it finally goes live on the Google Play store. Spacetime Games, creators of the highly acclaimed Pocket Legends, are now tempting us with Dragons and battles on a massive scale.

You will command your army of Dragons to plunder and pillage other players fortresses, or take upon the AI in the story mode. Ten different types of fire-breathing lizards are at your disposal, including 43 different building types ranging from defense towers to sheep breeding grounds where you multiply your sheep stash in order to feed the Dragons.

Building structures or training dragons is time based, but you can speed things up by spending certain amount pearls, an  in-game currency that can be replenished by plundering building, completing story missions, completing achievements, or can be bought for real money. You are granted one free guarding the first time you start the game that will protect your base for full 3 days while not playing.

Battle Dragons makes full use of the recently introduced Google Services, including achievements and cloud saves, so even if you decide to stop playing for a while you won’t lose your progress. The game is free to install, so go ahead click the link below.

Download Battle Dragons APK

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