Ayo: A Rain Tale


Sometimes things we usually take for granted (like water), in some other parts of the world are everyday burden that needs to be dealt with. Ayo: A Rain Tale is a story about a girl and her journey to gather water for her family in the sub-Saharan Africa environment, while gaining skills and wisdom along the way.


Ayo: A Rain Tale Gameplay


Ayo: A Rain Tale was originally released on Steam couple of months ago. Since then, the developers from “Inkline”, located in Lebanon, were working on porting this platformer on both Android and iOS devices. Your main objective is to collect water, avoid natural hazards and defeat enemies. Levels are designed in a way that will force you to solve puzzles, find hidden shortcuts and reach the level exit without losing the water you gathered. The beginning of your journey, the first level more precisely, will get you familiar with the controls. Ayo can grab branches, stand on boulders or other object to jump and cling on the next platform. Objects like thorns can hurt the character and should generally be avoided.



Platforming aside, Ayo: A Rain Tale was also made to raise awareness of the harsh conditions some people leave in. Young women, or even girls, according to the World Health Organization spend 125 million hours each day to gather water, leaving them no time for education or other social activities.



Ayo: A Rain Tale on Android costs only a fraction (compared to Steam) and can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking the link below. A gameplay trailer is also available here.


Ayo: A Rain Tale
Ayo: A Rain Tale
Developer: Inkline s.a.r.l.
Price: $2.99

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