Angry Birds Star Wars II teaser trailer revealed

Rovio has released a brand new teaser trailer featuring the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game that is supposed to launch on September 19th on all major platforms. The most interesting part? It will use Hasbro’s Telepods technology.

Players will be able to use the Telepods technology to incorporate power ups and new characters on the fly, by placing the action figures (sold separately) on their devices camera. Rovio plans to introduce over 30 brand new characters, figurines and wait for it….. the “Pork” side!

Introducing the other faction as playable comes as a breath of fresh air and may just be what the franchise needs right now.  Further details and the character roster remains a mystery until more info is released. Rovio didn’t miss the opportunity to announce their new lineup of toys, books and apparel that will be available in September as well. Finally here is the trailer showing the game and some of the new characters.

While waiting, you can still play the original Angry Birds Star Wars game that was recently updated. The “Lando Bird” update introduced 20 new levels and additional power ups.

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