Android Games on Sale this week [20/02/2018]

Don’t miss the opportunity to get discounted and free games. We have prepared a list of 7 Android games on sale and 3 games that are temporarily free. Just to warm you up, yes that is the icon from “You Must Build A Boat”. Go ahead and check the list. If you notice we missed something, drop a comment below.


Discounted Games


EightyEight games are having a 66% discount on both their games, You Must Build A Boat and 10000000. Both of them have similar mechanics, but different themes. Those are, perhaps one of the best puzzle games with RPG elements on the Play Store.



TE Offroad + save 50% on this offroad monster truck racer. There is a free demo available, so check it out first.




One Up – Lemonade Rush ! – A cute platformer where you have to escape the rising lemonade. Get it 50% cheaper.




Infamous Machine – Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a hilarious point-and-click adventure in which you stumble irresponsibly through history to help legendary geniuses complete their masterworks! On discount now , a real gem.




OTTTD : Over The Top TD – Command heroes, build towers, discover strange and exotic worlds and blow them all to bits. 75% cheaper.



Hell, The Dungeon Again! – Make the way through the dungeons full of terrible monsters and fight with the chief demon, gave birth to hordes of evil creeps. Down to 0.99$


Temporarily free Games


Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2 – Are you ready to accept the gift of madness and understand the secrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Hospital” is waiting for you.  FREE




Stone Of Souls HD – Action horror with RPG elements where mysterious corridors and dungeons, a lot of sinister monsters and quests are waiting for you. You’ll have to find out where the evil is born and if the Stone Of Souls is the only artifact. Maybe it is just a part of single whole, united evil. FREE



Stone Of Souls 2: Stone Parts – The second part of the series is also FREE.



Enjoy and don’t forget to check back next week for more free games and discounts.




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