Ærena – Clash of Champions, a new tactical game hits the Play Store

ÆRENA: Clash of Champions is a band new tactical / strategy multiplayer game coming from Cliffhanger Productions, the same developer that launched a successful kickstart campaign for their other upcoming title Shadowrun Online.


Set in a steampunk universe, ÆRENA: Clash of Champions puts two players and their teams of champions head-to-head on the battlefield ships floating high above the clouds. Since this is a team-based combat, there is no single “best” strategy that can be used over and over. Instead, players will have to take different approach based on their team layout, support ships and their equipped gear (Æther shells).

The gameplay is turn-based, but matches are dynamic and each session will last no longer than 10 minutes. Player characters can earn experience and levels that unlock unique rewards, while their roosters can be upgraded with better champions and ships purchasable from the store. The game also features a “rotating cast” of champions and ships accessible by all, where players can purchase their favorites and add them to their rosters permanently after trying them out for free.

Ærena Clash of Champion is available on Android and Steam (early access), while iOS users will have to wait a bit longer. The link leading to the Play Store is live and the game can be downloaded for free as long as you own an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or later.

* It appears that Ærena Clash of Champion is only available in selected countries. If you can’t install the game, please let us know in the comment box below.

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Key Features:
• Tactical, turn-based combat built specifically for strategy gamers.
• Build up a team of champions, ships, and abilities to suit your play-style.
• High-end, 3D visuals made for tablets.
• Short and challenging matches keep gameplay intense.
• Player-progression with XP, level-ups and rewards.
• Enter the League of Champions and battle for prizes.
• Cross-platform gameplay with PC and Mac (iOS coming soon)


2 thoughts on “Ærena – Clash of Champions, a new tactical game hits the Play Store

  • Can’t install the game on my Nexus 7 – from South Africa 🙁

  • Same. Nexus 7 (the older one), NL. Also when i clik Cliffhanger too see if there is a different version i get unexpected error.


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