Abyss – Roguelike ARPG

Titans Entertainment Limited just launched their newest game Abyss. An action RPG for, as they say, thrill-seekers and dungeon delvers. The game is available on Android and iOS, it’s free to play with in-app purchases and has online co-op multiplayer.

About Abyss

The game offers a dungeon delving experience within a world filled with mysterious magical creatures and deep dark secrets. You can embark on the journey solo, or join forces with friends using the online multiplayer feature.

Either way, each run will be different thanks to the roguelike mechanics and the perk system that helps you customize your build. Face epic bosses, collect loot and spend the spoils on perma-upgrades that will help you delve even deeper. Who knows, one day maybe you will reach the magic gate containing all the secrets of the world (of Abyss).


Magical RPG adventure
An underground world full of biotechnology, energy, and alien monster elements

Recruiting team members and collaborating with multiple players
Players can challenge levels alone or organize a team to collaborate in defeating bosses.

Character development: Strengthening skills through the forging of magic cores
Utilize technology research, holy relic research, and martial arts learning to comprehensively enhance character combat effectiveness.

Popular hand-drawn style presents a biopunk world
Artwork-level hand-drawn style, striking attack and dodge special effects, and dark alien monsters

Rogue action, every time is a new adventure
ARPG Roguelike elements, facing multiple unique levels

Adventurer Equipment System
Advanced hunter-style equipment design with multiple sets and weapon configurations


Abyss – Roguelike ARPG is available on Android and iOS. It’s free to download and play, with in-app purchases and ads reward system. To download it, just tap the links below.

D.B. – Abyss – Roguelike ARPG

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